G&P’s value added services are underpinned by the G&P Quality Excellence Model and IT Solutions. Services are based on a modular concept allowing us to create a bespoke package according to our Client’s specific needs.


Our On and Off site services focus on the independent examination of various products and processes to verify their compliance.

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Incoming Part Inspection [IPI]
Control & Rework
Proactive Containment
Transit Damage
Controlled Shipping
Body in White
Supplier escalation process
Final Vehicle Audit
Compound Sweeps
Transport Audit
Vehicle Testing
Off Lease Inspection
Prep media cars
Body kits and Livery
Faro Arm


G&P offers a suite of professionally managed and service orientated Quality Rectification services to correct and rectify quality issues for Clients.

These On or Off site services focus on ensuring components and finished products are fit for purpose.

Sectors Employees

Prototype build
Launch support
Manufacturing Support On and Offline
Car retrofit
Batch & Hold
Recall campaigns
Wrap guard services


A suite of professionally managed and service orientated total quality solutions, to help resolve quality, engineering and supply chain problems in the manufacturing industry, across the product life cycle.

G&P deploys the Quality Excellence model services proactively and reactively to eradicate disruption at the Client plant & drive problems back to root cause.

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Supplier sourcing and qualification
Project management and controls
Run at Rate
Launch support
Control plans
Problem solving
Launch readiness
Online sample submissions management
Non-conformance management
Root cause analysis
Supplier monitoring
Audits and Workshops
Capacity Constraints Management
Supplier escalation and Turnaround
Resident Engineering
Preventative Quality Assurance
Warranty Management
Warranty Failures and Resolution


Vivate Recruitment (part of the G&P Group) is a fresh, innovative and technical recruitment agency with the knowledge and expertise to provide the right solution for your employment needs.

Specialising in Automotive, Aerospace and Technical recruitment for both G&P and external customers.

Our knowledge of the employment process is the key to our success. We are passionate about our industry and our recruitment offering allows candidates and clients to find their perfect solution.


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